Companies Act, 2013 defines the term “Director” as someone appointment to the Board of a company. Surrender your DIN is very important, for those who are neither DIN holders who are nor directors in any Company in any LLP Firm. We, DMG Tax Accounting Investment and Services will help you out in filling all the Forms and provide the service to Surrender your DIN for the respected Firm. Our Company DMG Tax Accounting & Investment Services is an Indian Portal, with agents having more than 10 years of experience in offering accounting and taxation for the firms. DMG Tax Accounting & Investment Services has been helping out so many firms in Changing the Services as well as in Surrender your DIN also for many successful years being one of the best legal advisors for Changing Services for a Director in Ahmedabad. DMG Tax Accounting Services & Investment Services start a thorough Process regarding the Surrender of your DIN from the Government, you will be receiving updates regularly from our side till Surrender your DIN is completed.

All You Need to Know

Surrender your DIN (Director’s Identification Number) becomes very important by those DIN holders who are neither Director in any Company nor Designated Partner in any LLP. For Surrender of your DIN, an application shall be made if FORM DIR-5 by the DIN holder along with a declaration that he has never been appointed as a director in any firm and the DIN has never been used with any authority. Before deactivation of any DIN in such a case, the Government shall verify e-records.

The purpose for Surrender of DIN:

Application for surrender of DIN in E-form DIR-5 can be filed with any reason such as:

  • Having multiple DINs
  • DIN was obtained in a wrongful manner or by fraudulent means
  • Death of the concerned individual
  • Concerned individual is declared as a person of unsound mind by a competent court
  • Concerned individual has been adjudicated as insolvent
  • Concerned individual is/was not associated with any company/LLP

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Documents Required for DIN surrender

Quick Checklist

  • Proof of Identity of applicant (Voters Identity Card / Passport/ Driving License/PAN Card).
  • Proof of Residence of applicant (electricity bill, telephone bill shall be attached and should be in the name of applicant only.
  • In case of Indian applicant, documents should not be older than 2 months from the date of filing of the eforms.
  • In case of foreign applicant, address proof should not be older than 1 year from the date of filing of the eforms.
  • Affidavit including declaration that retained DIN will be updated with all associated CIN/LLPIN, if user wants to retain any DIN.

Optional Attachments

  • Copy of court order declaring DIN holder as insolvent/unsound mind if the Concerned individual is declared as a person of unsound mind by a competent court or has been adjudicated as insolvent
  • Copy of death certificate on death of the concerned individual
  • In case of proofs which are in languages other than Hindi / English, the proofs should be translated in Hindi / English from professional translator carrying his details (name, signature, address) and seal. In the case of foreign nationals, translation done by the notary of home country is also acceptable.

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FAQs On How To Surrender Director Identification Number

Get answers to all your queries

  • How do I surrender my DIN number?

Ans. Form DIR-5 for Surrender of DIN

  1. Surrender of DIN. DIN is tied to PAN or Passport number of the applicant and each person is allowed to obtain one DIN as per rules and regulations.
  2. Procedure for Filing Form DIR-5. Any person wishing to surrender a DIN can file Form DIR-5 with the MCA.
  3. Documents Required for Surrender of DIN.
  • How do you surrender din in case of death?

Ans. In case a DIN is surrendered because a person is declared as insolvent or of unsound mind, then the court order must, then the court order must be attached. In case of surrender of DIN due to the death of the person, then a copy of the death certificate must be attached.

  • Can a person have more than one din?

Ans. On a PAN only a single DIN can be approved. More than one DIN may be generated and approved only by some illicit means like multiple PAN in name of the same person. If he is using more than one DIN, it may be prima facie evidence of contravention.

  • Can deactivated Din be surrendered?

Ans. In case the DIN holder qualifies for both the conditions stated above as required to voluntarily surrender and he or she does not surrender the DIN and also do not file the DIR-3 KYC form within the stipulated date the MCA is bound by law to deactivate the DIN and a deactivated DIN cannot be filed for.

  • What shall be penalty on individual if a person having two DIN?

Ans. As per Section 159: If any individual or director of a company, contravenes any of the provisions of section 152, section 155 and section 156, such individual or director of the company shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or with fine which may extend to fifty thousand rupees and where the contravention is a continuing one, with a further fine which may extend to five hundred rupees for every day after the first during which the contravention continues.