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All you need to know

What is a sole proprietorship? A type of Business organization (entity) controlled or owned and managed by a single person is called a sole proprietorship firm.

A single person who runs the business is known as the Sole Proprietorship of the Firm. There is no partnership in this type of business and has been controlled by a single person; there will be no variation between the supporter and the firm (company). Also, the supporter gets himself all the benefits.

Now that a sole proprietorship has been held or controlled by only a single person, fewer legal formalities and lesser formation costs are involved. According to the government of India, they still had not given or authorized any sole proprietorship business rules and regulations in India for a sole proprietorship. The government of India had not even advised any exclusive proprietorship registration process. So, if anyone wants to recognize/check that this particular proprietorship has been registered or not, then they have to scan through only tax registrations.
Now, these tax registrations may include GST Registration or SSI/MSME Registration. It should also be obtained in the name of the owner of that particular entity or Proprietor to ensure that the Proprietor/Business owner runs a business as a single person (sole proprietorship).
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How to start a Sole Proprietorship?

5 Easy Steps.

  1. Complete a Checklist
  2. Submit documents
  3. Verification of Documents
  4. Obtain Registration Certificate
  5. Obtain PAN and TAN

Critical features of Sole Proprietorship Firm

Points to make your decision easy

  • Quick Decision Making: –

The owner has the power of taking/making decisions on their own, so it is said that it has the management in its hands. This helps create a better decision for the betterment of the business, which helps grow the business’s profit. 

  • Easy to Start: –

To register for a sole proprietorship, compared to other business structures, is very easy to process. The owner also can get the Certificate of Registration in 1 working day only. Also, it’s a very effortless process and faster too for GST registration.

  • Easy to close: –

The Proprietorship firm can also be terminated quickly. As the necessity of legal distinction between the Proprietor and the Organization firm, few legal formalities are required to remove a proprietorship.

  • Tax benefits: –

In a sole proprietorship, the owner doesn’t require to file for a separate business tax report. Looking at its Advantages, the tax rates are consistently implemented based on personal income, not corporate tax rates, as it results in substantial tax savings.

  • Self-employment: –

Ass we know, the Proprietorship entity is self-employed, which helps the owner creating various employment opportunities. Also, only a single person manages the owner; there is a lesser chance of leaking business secrets.

  • Inexpensive: –

A Sole Proprietorship is economical. Also, it is very economical in the long run, based on account of lesser compliance requirements. So, with lesser compliance filings, there are many concessions in various laws.

Documents Required for Proprietorship

Quick Checklist: –

  • Photograph
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Electricity Bill or any other utility bill for the address proof

Compliance required by Proprietorship firm

All you should know about the compliance of Proprietorship firm

  • GST Registration: –

One of the ways for a person to get a proprietorship registration done is GST registration. A sole proprietorship can get themselves registered under GST if its annual turnover is more than Rs. 40 lakhs. If anyone does online business (selling through Amazon, Flipkart, etc.), there is compulsory to get a GST number under GST, i.e., goods and service tax Act.

  • GST Returns: –

A Sole Proprietorship entity is compulsorily required to file for GST return as soon as they get GST registered, they can also file GST return on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The details of the Taxpayer’s income are also contained in the GST return in the form of a document.

  • MSME registration: –

A Sole Proprietorship can get himself registered under the MSME Act as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). This application can be filled online also. But, as it is not necessary to register as an SME, it is beneficial too, especially when issuing a business loan.

  • Accounting: –

There is no requirement of a separate set of accounting records for the accounting of sole proprietorship, as the owner itself can’t get separated from its own business. It is always preferable to keep/maintain records for your sole proprietorship firms, to see that your business or your firms are making a profit or not.

  • IT Return: –

All proprietorship must file for income tax, as having a taxable income over the freedom in the entrance. Also, sometimes the requirement of a tax audit is compulsory for a proprietary for the Proprietor. And as we know, the proprietorship is considered the same, so filing for an income tax return is also the same process as the individual income tax return filing process.

  • Tax Audit: –

A sole proprietor does not have any type of pressure to get the accounts not even under any law. However, in the case of a proprietor business if its turnover is more than one crores Rupee in any financial year and the receipt of gross from profession exceeds 50 Lakhs Rupees. Under the Income Tax Act, 1961 for a proprietary the accounts of that audits both are compulsory.

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FAQs On Sole Proprietorship

Get answers to all your queries.

  • Who can start a Sole Proprietorship?

Ans. Any Indian citizen can start a sole proprietorship firm.


Ans. A registered Agent is nothing but an agent elected by every businessman separately for each state. As sole proprietorship is not combined with any affiliated partners, they don’t require a Registered Agent.

  • What compliance do I need to do once I register my firm as a Sole Proprietorship?


  1. As a sole proprietor, you must file Income Tax Return annually.
  2. Also, you need to file your GST Return if you are registered under GST.
  3. A sole proprietor should also deduct TDS and file TDS return if liable for Tax Audit.
  • What if I wish to convert from Sole Proprietorship to a Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership?

Ans. Yes, it is so flexible for a sole proprietorship to convert them to Limited Liability Partnerships or Private Limited Company.

  • Do sole proprietorships need to be registered like LLCs or corporations?

Ans. If you own a sole proprietorship, generally you shouldn’t have to go through the same registration hoops as an LLC, limited partnership or corporation