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All You Need to Know

During the process of adopting new activities, LLP Firm may require to Change the Name of the LLP Firm. In these types of cases, LLP can Change name subject to provision of LLP regulations and LLP Agreement.

Reasons for LLP name change:

  1. Mergers and amalgamation
  2. Shift in business activity
  3. New brand development

LLP Name Availability:

Before commencing the change name process, decide a name and verify the name availability. If the name is available, then an application for Reservation of Unique Name can be made on the MCA portal to reserve the name for a period of 3 months.

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How to Change LLP Name?

5 Easy Steps

  1. Pass Resolution
  2. Submit Documents
  3. Verification of Documents
  4. Filing of Documents
  5. Company Name is Changed

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Documents required for changing the name of the LLP

  1. Attested copy of consent letters from the rest of the partners
  2. Board resolution stating that the Board wants a name change
  3. Trademark Certificate of the name if it has been registered
  4. NOC if the name is already under the Trademark register
  5. Authorization allowing the partner to file Form 1
  6. Certified Copy of LLP Agreement

Effects of a change in LLP Name

  1. The notice of change of name shall be filed with the registrar within 30 days from the day of such change of name.
  2. The change of an LLP name does not affect any rights or obligations of the LLP.
  3. Any legal proceedings continued or commenced by or against the LLP pending in its old name will be continued in its new name.
  4. Changing the name does not affect the constitution and entity of the LLP and therefore the change of name does not bring into existence a new company.
  5. A decree obtained by an LLP in its former name can be executed by it in the new name after it has obtained a certificate for the altered name.
  6. The Registrar of Companies shall issue a fresh certificate of Incorporation after the change of an LLP name has been filed and approved.
  7. As the name of the LLP is also mentioned on the LLP agreement, Pan card, Tan Number, GST Registration, after its change, must also be altered

FAQs On LLP Change Name Process

Get answers to all your queries.

  • Is there a need to execute the supplementary agreement for name change after issuance of fresh certificate of incorporation?

Ans. Yes, you have to execute the supplementary agreement.

  • How can I change name for my Limited Liability Partnership?

Ans. LLP can change its name by filling the following forms: a. Form 1 (Application for reservation or change of name) is required to be filled for name approval. b. After the name gets approved, an applicant is required to file Form 5 (Notice for change of name) to intimate the registrar about the Name change of LLP.

  • What e-forms, do I need to file for name change?


  1. E form Fillip
  2. E form llp-5 after name get approved by the registrar
  3. E form llp-3 after issuance of fresh certificate of incorporation
  • Can an existing partnership firm be converted to LLP?

Ans. Yes, an existing partnership firm can be converted into LLP by complying with the provisions of the LLP Act.

  • Can LLP give any other address (besides its registered office) for the purpose of receiving communication from Registrar?

Ans. LLP shall have an option to declare one more address within the jurisdiction of the same ROC (other than the registered office) for getting statutory notices/letters etc. from the Registrar.